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Vintage Bedroom Style

Inspiration from period sources 1900 to the Mid Century

1912 Bedroom designed by Eakin Wallick for Ladies Home JournalMany of the bedroom decorating ideas you find in our galleries might easily be used today.

You'll find color schemes and furniture styles that are pulled from original period sources. Most come from advertising. Most magazines, except for the rare color image, general published their articles and pictures in black and white. Descriptions were often provided to inform the reader of the colors used and the types of finishes and fabrics.

That makes the color images all the more important. We've focused primarily on middle-class publications, not the high end designers. Advertisers found out early on that their audience responded to ads that were achievable. Some were extremely successful. Armstrong Cork Company published hundreds of color images for both commercial and residential applications of their various products. Congoleum is another, although it appears Congoleum's success was more attributable to its appetite for swallowing its competitors.

You'll undoubtably notice that Colonial style furnishings were consistently popular from 1900 forward, whereas Mission Style was in and out of fashion between 1900 and 1920. Art Deco showed itself by the late 1920s, but played second fiddle to the traditional styles until the 1930s when the middle class became slightly less skeptical regarding its perceived faddishness at the time.

As we go forward, we'll publish articles on subjects that were common at the time. A few might include such perennial topics as finding storage and choosing linens.

We've created some color schemes that may also be of help.

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