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1920s Living Room with a Bay Window

c. 1928 Unidentified Origin

This particular drawing's source is unidentified, but the colors are so wonderful, that detail should be overlooked. We are dating it to about 1928 when awnings are seen more in magazines of the period. The color scheme is an enhanced tetrad of two sets of complements: Deep Copper and Moss Green, and Goldenrod and Eggplant. The second set of four colors balance the the two tetrads perfectly. The result is a warm harmony that's both cheerful and soothing at the same time. This room could be reproduced in any style of informal home. The smaller and cozier the better.

The following colors are used (top to bottom):

Dark Straw

Deep Copper


Golden Oak


Moss Green


Dusky Rose

c. 1928 Color Scheme - Living Room with Bay Window

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