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Prairie PlanterWhat kind of roof is appropriate for your old Colonial? Or what type of roof is appropriate for a new cottage-style home? Siding, windows, and other bits and pieces can make a big difference to the curb appeal of your house.

And color! Choosing a color scheme for your house can be one of those relationship-taxing events that have been known to result in painting the house white just to be done with it. When you calculate the time spent prepping the siding and money for paint and supplies, regardless of whether you hire a painter or do it yourself, it's important to make the right choice so you can enjoy it for a few years. We'll explore the historical suggestions of yore as well as publish our gallery of what we think are beautiful, successful schemes.

Regardless of whether your home is old or new and drawing on the past, there are plenty of hints and tips to help you make changes, improvements, or to simply maintain a gracious, welcoming exterior.

The advantages are significant. Not only will your home be a source of pleasure and pride, but regular maintenance ensures its continued value. If you want or need to sell (transfer to a new city?), your home will be in good shape to appeal to potential buyers. As the most significant financial investment most Americans ever make, it's practical to keep it in top condition.

Curb appeal is more than a means to attract buyers though. It offers the delight and pleasure that welcomes you home at the end of a long day or an ugly commute. It's a place of beauty, peace, and safety.

Our articles on old home exteriors range from old articles in various early publications that we think have as much value now as when they were originally printed to new original pieces that are relevant to today's owners of vintage homes.

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