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The Books of a Thousand Homes

1923 Home Owners SErvice Institute

1923 Books of a Thousand Homes

The Book of a Thousand Homes was published in 1923. We have the second edition edited by Henry Atterbury Smith. Volume 1 contains 500 Small House Plans. At some point Volume II must have been on the drawing board, but it seems it was never printed.

Taken from a variety of sources including plans created by manufacturers to sell their products, it's an interesting 300+ page compendium of American residential architecture from the 1920s with a particular focus on small homes that would appeal to ordinary folk.

The book contains a variety of designers, but the following are particularly prominent contributors:

E. E. Green — 57 bungalows and a couple foursquares

Frederick L. Ackerman —

Charles E. White —

George W. Repp —

Olsen & Urbain —

I'll add more data as I complete scanning the book, researching who's who and what I can find on them. If I can find out anything about the designers themselves, I'll add that to our section on American architects. Keep in mind, many of these designers were self-taught and just grew into their roles, so high-profile careers will be in short supply. (I find these people interesting because they are middle-class, but then I think the B+ performers have been seriously underrated in this age of celebrity and Type A-ness.)


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