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The Cheltenham

1922 Lewis Manufacturing Company

1922 Lewis Mfg. Cheltenham1922 Lewis Mfg. Cheltenham

"The Cheltenham is a distinctly modern version of the Dutch colonial home. The beauty of the old lines has been preserved by the wonderful sun parlor gives away the fact that this home belongs to these later days of faith in sunshine and fresh air. The unusual set-in doorway is at once noticed and approved.

The entrance hall has cased openings on either side, one to the dining room and one to the splendid big living room. From the latter, two doors open on the sun parlor, the walls are almost made of glass.

The arrangement of the hall is different, the bedrooms are so wonderfully light and airy, and then there is the cunning den with its windows and queer-shaped closet. There are six closets in all."

(Lewis Homes: Homes of Character, 1922)


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