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American Builder Magazine

Published BY the William A. RAdford Co. of Chicago, Ill.

1926 American Builder Magazine American Builder magazine was designed as a builders magazine. It contained advertising for materials, tools, and equipment, information on design and marketing, and ideas for house plans. Though it certainly would have appealed to home buyers, the focus was the contractor, tradesman, and developer.

We've only just begun to plumb the vast range of the magazine's content and for now we've concentrated on the 1920s. Because the 20s were so incredibly diverse architecturally, the magazine has a huge range of information about design and style with hundreds of different variants on the Revival, traditional, and modern plans.

In addition to the plans, there is also a huge amount of information about construction methods, new materials and equipment, as well as marketing and development.

Our goal is to publish information that will appeal to owners of vintage homes, so we will cull the articles that are most relevant to our interests. If you want to see more technical detail, write to us! We'll see if we can get the answers you need.

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