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Title Page of Standard Homes Collection for 1923

During the 1920s, several companies vied for top spot as the source of home plans. Each solicited plans from designers and architects, published them in books, magazines, and brochures and most supplied published collections to lumber companies. The lumber companies took the stock cover and placed their imprint on it, handed them out to prospective builders and hoped that when a compelling plan reached its target, the home builder would come back to them to buy the plans and materials for their dream home.

Standard Homes Company, first of Toledo and later of Washington, DC was established in 1917.

Our first catalog is dated 1923 and is substantially different from those produced just a few years later. The preponderance of designs is heavily weighted toward the still-popular bungalow style. Many of the plans are very livable even by our somewhat inflated standards today. We think many would need only the most minor tweaks to the kitchen and bath to be quite comfortable.

We hope you enjoy this collection. Don't hesitate to write if you have questions.

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