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California Bungalows by E. W. Stillwell of Los Angeles

c 1918 Stillwell - Representative California HomesE. W. Stillwell was a prolific designer of those quintessentially California bungalows. Advertisments for his plans appeared in magazines up and down the West Coast including Sunset. National publishers included House Beautiful.

Stillwell's plans are designed to work for different climates, but really they are specific to California often with large front porches and terraces attached to dining rooms for the al fresco meal.

Like other designers of the period, Stillwell adapted plans from other architects providing his own interpretation or floor plan. Our first Stillwell book is Representative California Homes. Like many of his early plan books, it is undated, but it is definitely c. 1918–1920*. It contains an array of California bungalows, the styles of which are common to the older neighborhoods of Greater Los Angeles.

*Dating undated sources: We make every effort to determine reasonably accurate dates for publications. The date for Representative California Homes was established by checking the names that appear on the testimonials page against the US Census. By cross-referencing, we can obtain an approximate date. Publication design, artwork, typographic style, and printing all combine to support our estimates.

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