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Published BY the William A. RAdford Co. of Chicago, Ill.

American Builder has many interesting articles that are relevant if you have an older home, especially if it was built between 1900 and 1950.

The magazine focused on the information needs of builders and developers who wanted accurate information to make building and marketing decisions. All types of construction methods, from basics to more complex techniques, were covered.

Various series were offered. One is about various house styles. Denizens of American cities and suburbs during the 1920s had a huge array of house styles to choose from ... much different from the single regional fad design that most of us have to suffer with today.

Unlike those of us who live in the Southwest with the acre upon acre of faux Southwest with the textured cement siding and concrete tile roofs, or the faux Craftsman of the Pacific Northwest, or the neo-Colonial of the Eastern 'burbs, home buyers in 1925 were able to select from dozens of small catalogs of modest homes with "modern" floorplans but an almost infinite variety of interesting exteriors.

Though Colonial and Craftsman-style bungalows were popular, there were also a variety of Revival styles. Cutting edge design showed up in the more streamlined Minimal Traditional cottages and small houses. The truly avant garde gravitated toward the Moderne.

The articles we publish are chosen for their "interestingness" to us and, we hope, to you. If you want to see more technical detail or have ideas for articles you'd like us to research, write to us! We'll see if we can get the answers you need.

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