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Inspiration from period sources 1900 to the Mid Century

1948 Armstrong KitchenWe've been collecting images to help inspire you with ideas that could be used today. For example, we have a collection of kitchens culled from ads by Armstrong Cork Company featuring their linoleum flooring. (We love linoleum.) Some of them could easily translate into today's kitchens, some have a few good ideas or color schemes, and some ... well, let's just say no time period is without its creative aberrations.

We've broken them up by decade so you can look at a specific time period that suits you or applies to the style you are aiming for. We hope you have as much fun looking at them as we had collecting them. Don't hesitate to check out earlier and later decades though ... there are good ideas in each.

In addition to inspiration, we will also publish articles on different materials that were used back in the day along with suggestions for appropriate solutions that can used today.

Color schemes derived from vintage images have been placed in a separate directory so check those out to get a feel for the changes in color and application over the decades.

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